Guilt and His Reflection

by Wildspeaker

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Guilt and His Reflection is a conceptual full length split between Wildspeaker and Cara Neir. The split details the decay of humanity crumbling into itself. This partnership exposes the story of post-civilization sins committed when desperation overwhelms.

You can order the tape from Broken limbs Recording here


released September 16, 2016

Natalie - Vocals
Nelson - Guitar
Zak - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Ricky - Drums

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wildspeaker

Backing vocals by Garry Brents and Chris Francis

Art by Alex CF (Fall of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Morrow)

Tapes by Broken Limbs Recordings available at



all rights reserved


Wildspeaker Texas

DFW Blackened Crust
Prosthetic Records

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Track Name: Desecration Plague
Gazing into redfaced skies
His portrait flashburned 'bove him lies

Time has come to a head
Suffering for your fathers' sins
Entombed in scattered graves
Wheezing air stenched in exhaust

Crestfallen transgressors
Face downward in thier debt
The ache of want overcast
By the stake of ominy
Track Name: Sins of Desperation
Having trudged this far
His heart no longer beat the same
From an Eden of abundance
To apologetic muttering over an empty quill

Muscle spasms kindle coughs of
Dry heaving dust and specks
Black blood spatters the dirt
Profane thoughts damn a once prosaic man

He abandons past identity when hunger overwhelms
Self empty as barren belly
Convulsing nervous hands lay a weighty stone
Still neighbor's blood trickles
Violence becomes the hand that feeds
In a world where change is the only constant
Track Name: Hunt The Weak
A dizzied man abides to a force stronger than reason
This dawn leaves no time to recede from treason

Bagged eyes, heavy lids
Scanning from behind barren twigs
For the first time in immeasurable days
Echo the sound of heavy footsteps
Awakening a starving gaze
Someone is dying for him to eat
Time has come to hunt the weak

Where guilt abandons remorse
Where shame separates from repentance
You will find a man between his rebirth and remaining sentence

Someone is dying for him to eat
Time has come to hunt the weak
Track Name: First Taste of Flesh
First taste of flesh
Guilt worn under skin
For once and for all
Overcome doubt within

With a knife to the throat
And a bite to the madness
Labored chest rose and
No hope to convalesce

First taste of flesh
Guilt worn under skin
For once and for all
Overcome doubt within

Disconnect from strength of his own hands
Soaked in expire from his brother's neck
Wrung around a rope
Splayed across at spit
Choking down the deafening crunch
Of charred hair and gristle
Glazed eyes take in Pollux and Castor
As his soul rises to meet his maker
Track Name: Stages of Decomposition
Tired shadow shrinks and thins
Shading shuffling footprints
Internal combustion : decay, disruption
Eating away at standing remains
Of a man and his gumption

He breathes in flesh flies
Through a bleeding nose
Heaving acids from a bloated gut

Tired knees buckle and
Fall into thier stench
Gusts of dirt fall to blanket an aching back

A lick of cracked lips
With a pale dry tongue
Falls into stillness
Dissolved by illness

Blanketed from which he's made
Retiring defeated when heaven forbade
Track Name: His Reflection
Calloused hands from work and wear
Stained by sin and his own fear
Glazed eyes sink
Once bright to dim
His shadow hinges
At the heels of hind limb

Trudging gait
Recedes to faint
Spirit dips
To crawl out spate

Caked in scabs
Kneeling reeds
Reflecting guilty, waves intercede
Mass hair overwhelmed
Abanding his own creed for
Unforgivable deeds

Staring into an drowning effigy
Sheathed in his serrated enmity
Polluted waves furrow and swell
As a target where his grimace fell

"Does it reflect the future that once was
Or the past that can never be?" (Reflecting Pool)

Symmetrical entity possesses haunts eternal
Reclines in the cold to meet the infernal

Caught by desolation
Owned by survival
Submerged at the moment of final reprisal

He spits in the image of himself
Humbled to hideous vision
With one final breath our
Dissolves into decomposition
Track Name: Cara Neir - Halo of Grey
every last one of us has a conscious
but the intended code is all that keeps the
darkness in check
how terrifying would it be for that to be stripped away
what is this backwards reformation
this sordid solitude, a twisted failsafe
where do we stop now?
there's no new kingdom
halos of grey - i can't be saved, but please
let me savor this day
Track Name: Cara Neir - Clinging to My Last Bit of Sanity
my left brain's no right brain
but right helps the left and this craft here
is mutual
you exist because i say and my brains, well
they split long ago so as you see where
we are now
should explain much
you don't think it so and i need you to believe
this could save me, soak my sanity in blessing
and recognition, mine
....what am i saying, this ends today
Track Name: Cara Neir - The View Through This Fog
these stained grey bones, their image stapled to his skull
there was no acclimating to this
was it the taste that brought insanity?
or being forced to believe this was the only choice
it's happened to them all
starving to death to keep this in check
never free to simplicity again
this opus of sickness reigns high
as the last strings pop
Track Name: Cara Neir - Failure Savior
fifth ticket to sit here and suffer
and i'm further down the line
sat here long enough to think
that now i'll be fine
but somehow i've fooled you all
when all i wanted was my own dissatisfaction
so what are these times of torture
but jaded fragments of vice and life
what are these ideas of failure
kept holstered by my side?
i open doors to the ever-flourishing voids in my soul
even worse is that i have let people learn to care for them
Track Name: Cara Neir - Ego Eats Man
I just crawled out of a grave that I helped make. Now I'm wearing a cape without a crusade. How silly do I look? Just look at my face. I may smile a lot, but wait till you see what's underneath

stars will die and trees will burn and i'll still be here
grounded with stop signs

I just walked out of a cave, so dark and dank. Now I'm driving a car on an empty tank. How the fuck does that work? Just look at the flames. I may die a lot, but at least I have lived. Over and over again.

nameless lands and faceless men, the chapel
stands up straight but hasn't a voice since nobody's let in
over drained waters leaving dry and grainy earth
the smoke consciously drifts towards lung to decay
Track Name: Cara Neir - Life From Inside Your Pocket
smiles received without ever turning the light back on
trial/deceit, why does everyone think that i am just so dumb
transparent life i tied back for you, i cannot sustain
the blank page hallowed in me, in darkness i pray
stricken down by the most ungrateful masters
led to believe i am simply a bastard
led to believe that there's something of worth in me
dead from disease after you took what's worth from me
sleeping in hell in quiet pain while i plead for thee
slaving, i crave to find the hole from which you came
surely enough you were never born this way
this is the first night of many i've spent insane
black heart that fissured you took it as a vacancy
to install the demons that plague my memory
blackness i saw, the night you spit the blame on me
is this all that they do?
miles away and left in purple waves to faulter
will you open the doors or close them for the better?
will you shed your skin in Fall and leave forever?
let us not speak but flow with discrepancy
we cannot share this world, it wasn't meant for me
i thought of the blood and poisonous treachery
begone, of this plane